Bài tập về chức năng giao tiếp là bài tập yêu cầu học sinh hoàn thành những đoạn hội thoại ngắn bằng cách chọn cách hỏi hoặc đáp hợp lý nhất.

Bài tập luyện

Exercise 33. Choose the best option to complete each of the minidialogues:

1. A: Let's listen to this new CD.

B: ____

A. Who's the singer?

B. It's in the record shop.

C. I can hear it.

D. I'll listen.

2. A: I saw the new Spielberg film last night.

B: ____

A. You mustn't see it.

B. Did I go?

C. Has he come?

D. Was it good?

3. A: Are you sure the match starts at two?

B: ____

A. It started well.

B. I think so.

C. It's all right.

D. I'm all right.

4. A: May I leave now?

B: ____

A. I may leave you.

B. I don't agree.

C. When we've finished.

D. Until tomorrow.

5. A: How did the accident happen?

B: ____

A. I saw it.

B. I can't go there.

C. I don't know how to.

D. I didn't see it.

6. A: Hello, I'd like to speak to Mr. Green, please.

B: ____

A. I'm afraid I don't know.

B. I'm sorry, I'll call again later.

C. Sorry, can you take a message?

D. Sorry, can you say that again?

7. A: Can I speak to Helen, please?

B: ____

A. Calling

B. Talking

C. Answering

D. Speaking

8. A: What time did the meeting end?

B: ____

A. Just before lunch

B. For half an hour

C. At times

D. In a minute

9. A: The room costs £55 a night.

B: ____

A. I don't like it.

B. Give me two, please.

C. That's a lot.

D. It costs so.

10. A: Shall we leave now?

B: ____

A. Have you got time?

B. Near the station?

C. I'd like to stay.

D. OK. Let's not.

11. A: £500 is too expensive.

B: ____

A. Not many.

B. Why not?

C. I agree.

D. I hope not.

12. A: Where's Amanda gone?

B: ____

A. She's at the station.

B. She'll arrive tomorrow.

C. She's going to leave tonight.

D. She is gone home.

13. A: Anything else?

B: ____

A. No, it isn't.

B. Not at all.

C. Not today, thanks.

D. Right now.

14. A: How long did the journey take?

B: ____

A. About 500 kilometres.

B. Almost 5 hours.

C. Last week.

D. The last two weeks.

15. A: Do you think it's going to rain?

B: ____

A. I don't hope so.

B. I don't hope.

C. I don't hope that.

D. I hope not.

16. A: Can you give me some information?

B: ____

A. Certainly, sir.

B. I'd love to.

C. No, thanks.

D. Yes, I can.

17. A: Thank you very much.

B: ____

A. Thanks.

B. Don't mention it.

C. No at all.

D. Fine.

18. A: Would you like me to take you to school?

B: ____

A. That's very nice of you.

B. All the other answers are correct.

C. No, please.

D. Yes.

19. A: Would you mind closing the door?

B: ____

A. I'll do it.

B. I can.

C. No, I wouldn't.

D. No problem.

20. A: Who do you think will win this beauty contest?

B: ____

A. I really couldn't say, I'm afraid.

B. Not at all.

C. It doesn't matter.

D. It's not important.